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Muppie Mummie Give Away

It’s a Muppie Lounge give away! Don’t miss out!

muppie mummie box-2

This time I am running the give away myself.


Well it’s simple. I am the creator of the “Muppie Mummie” and what better person to spoil a South African mom with this special Muppie Mothers day Box than me?

Muppie Lounge is a new company I started October 2017 which now makes me a #mompreneur. I am loving it. For simple reasons like my own personal growth, educational growth and #momconfidence. It’s been such a blessing. I have learnt so much and continue to do so every day. Not just in the world of business, but also in the world where I had to teach myself to cope with more challenges and struggles in both the #SAHM world and the #workingmom world. Something like “juggling more than JUST 4 kids!”

The Muppie Mummie Box

This box is there to spoilmom! It’s there to #celebratemoms! It has only one…

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Muppie Lounge going places, Range 2


We had our first ever POP-UP Shop It was amazing, I loved it. It was small and intimate, with Champagne and deep house music in the back ground. I loved chatting to everyone and it was just such a beautiful blessed morning.     You will definitely see this happening again in 2018. I showcased… Continue reading POP-UP Shop