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YesterDaze, Inspired By Decades Of Fashion

From high-waist bikinis in the 40’s to sky-high platforms in the 70’s, most of the popular looks of past decades are still inspiring designers today.  Fashion has always indicated the current time in history and over the course of the last century, fashion has shifted from prim-and-proper dresses to sneakers and jeans. This inspired me, I… Continue reading YesterDaze, Inspired By Decades Of Fashion

The important stuff to know!

Muppie Mummie Give Away

It’s a Muppie Lounge give away! Don’t miss out!

muppie mummie box-2

This time I am running the give away myself.


Well it’s simple. I am the creator of the “Muppie Mummie” and what better person to spoil a South African mom with this special Muppie Mothers day Box than me?

Muppie Lounge is a new company I started October 2017 which now makes me a #mompreneur. I am loving it. For simple reasons like my own personal growth, educational growth and #momconfidence. It’s been such a blessing. I have learnt so much and continue to do so every day. Not just in the world of business, but also in the world where I had to teach myself to cope with more challenges and struggles in both the #SAHM world and the #workingmom world. Something like “juggling more than JUST 4 kids!”

The Muppie Mummie Box

This box is there to spoilmom! It’s there to #celebratemoms! It has only one…

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