The important stuff to know!

Who does the work?

When it comes to Muppie Lounge, I do everything. From the planning, to the research, to the drawing, to the designing, to the choosing of products, to the packaging, to the writing of each individual post card and yes at this stage even to the modeling. I’ve done everything, which was good, because I know everything now. 

Some of it was easy, but a lot of it was hard like designing a website (which I know I still need to work on), it’s been one big learning curve and one that I actually had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

However, there are some things I don’t do, I don’t do any labelling and I don’t do any printing. I design and send this off to the two different people that does this for me.

1 – Bibi Hearts

Who are they? What do they do?

Bibi Hearts was founded because children suffer from cancer, but also many other traumas. Bibi Hearts Project aims to offer comfort to children in need. The project’s main focus is to provide Bibi Hearts Packs (Bibi, Beanie and Bible) as well as Bibi Hearts Care Packs (essential items for children cancer patients’ hospital stay). This is also a job creation project which provides an income to the unemployed, abused woman, elderly and disabled. It is also a blessing that the “job creation project” is reaching out to other indentified projects in our local community where we can take hands to make a difference. Bibi Hearts project reach out to other projects making a difference in our community especially where children and woman are traumatized because of abuse and violence.

I send all my labelling, cutting and sizing work to them, to support the job creation project and at the same time provide Bibi Hearts support. I believe in making a difference but more importantly I believe in making a difference from the start.

Donations are always welcome to this non-profitable organization and I wish them all the best, their work is of highest grade and I am blessed to be apart of such an amazing project. I know the founder personally, she is a lovely warm hearted mom of two that pours her heart and soul into this project.


2 – Action Signs and Screen Prints

Who are they? What do they do?

Action signs and Screen Prints are one of our local buniness in Welkom. The owners (husband and wife) are two passionate people and add that personal touch to their service. We have a relationship, and I know I’m not just a number there, I’m a friend. Their work is exceptional and they do all my printing. Rosa has made it so easy for me, I can mail her my drawings in any format (even a whats app photo) and she can do her magic. They are a great team, and definitely feel like part of the Muppie family by now. I stumbled upon them one year when I needed someone to print my ministry t-shirts, and it’s been a relationship since that day.


I am not alone!

These are the people I work with most and if it’s not done by me, these are people I have to thank. I am thankful that I can be apart of something bigger with Bibi Hearts and something local with Action Signs and Screen Prints, because local is “lekker.”




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